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Suck it, Jon Benet

Second year in a row betches!

Most original costume, Ella Sharp Art Museum, 2008.

We went as her entourage. There are a few DILF pics that Tod will post on Flickr.

Happy Halloween!


Cuteness at the Zoo Boo

Took Miss Anna and Tod’s folks to Binder Park’s Zoo Boo celebration last night. Perhaps all the free goodies that they passed out got the better of her tummy last night. Needless to say, she had a blast.

As did we.

DILF central.


Crouching Standing Tiger, Hidden Visible Dragon

Scariest House on the Block

Did some DIY Halloween decorations for the house. I think we'll have a
pretty lite turn out for Halloween this year, as this stuff is PRETTY SCARY!

My Peeps

All ready for Halloween. One of my students grew the ginormous pumpkins for Anna, we have two and they look like they flopped down on our front steps.

Halloween 2008

Getting our already creepy house decked out for Halloween. I pulled out all the skulls and stuff I have for a kind of Dr Jekyll/Victorian creepy look in the dining room. And yes, that is a real human skull.

The foyer was turned into a forest with the green lights on the ceiling and the branches brought in from outside. It didn't photograph well, but the effect is awesome at night. Dark, with just enough light to see. Tod called me "teh Gay" for changing out the cute Victorian prints of little girls with St. Bernards that are in our downstairs bathroom with stills from the movie "Cujo."
I took out Anna's first painting and replaced it with "redrum" done in red paint. Give me a break.

The rest are here:



S P O O K Y !

I love Halloween... 

no, really, I LOVE HALLOWEEN!

I have loved it since I was a kid, and I am passing my love of this Satanic/Celtic/Wiccan/Pagan Funfest on to Anna.
We will walk through Target and she'll point out a display and shout "HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEEEN!" 

Last year, I didn't have a chance to properly outfit our house, which, according to many is scary enough without decoration (yeah, those Amityville windows make me shiver every time). Anna was just over a year, and getting into everything. It's a wonder we even decorated for Christmas (another Satanic/Celtic/Wiccan/Pagan Funfest ).

So, this year, I went all out. Went with a green theme, inspired by "Wicked" of course. We put green candles in the windows, and blinking creepy eyes in the dormer/Amityville windows. The eyes in the attic are traffic stoppers for sure. Great effect and perfect for our house.
Made a few bat trees for the urns and then lit the house with two massive green flood lights. You can see the green glow from a block or two away.

 the house at dusk.

 later on....

Creepy fun for sure.
I have some gravestones I made out of the leftover drywall from our attic, but I am waiting until closer to the holiday to put them out. We live right outside the hood, so tehy will go missing if they go out too early. It's a miracle that Anna's pumpkin is still on the front porch.

So, this is the unofficial/official Gay holiday.

What are YOU doing?


Most original

My coworker Tracy and her family had a HUGE neighborhood Halloween party last night. The invite encouraged costumes and people to "dress warm!" If you are in the Great Lakes area, you'll know that the temps last night were in the 80's and pretty humid. We dressed in our costumes and lasted about 10 minutes before we all were drenched in sweat.

We dressed up as a chef (me) a waiter (Tod) and a lobster in a pot (Anna).
We pulled off the most original award at the party. 


There weren't any toddler lobster costumes, so we took a large dog costume and adapted it for Anna.

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